The company has been cer fied ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001 – confirming the high quality of services provided by our company. We are Member of the Associa on of Interna onal Road Carriers in Poland and Polish Chamber of Shipping and Logis cs. Award in Turbines of Polish Economy 2013.
KPI Efficiency Ra o 98%
We have access to most modern transport pla orms and ERP systems.
This will ensure maximum quality of our services.
We focus on con nuous development, so it is very important for us to monitor the performance of our work. We regularly examine demanding and compe ve markets to implement current solu ons in your business. We use proven transport pla orms to help op mize communica ons between industry, commerce, carrier, driver and consumer. The delivery process is therefore more transparent.
With this type of logis c applica on, it is possible to reduce down me and wai ng mes, reduce empty runs, and streamline processes.
At the same me, this means reduc on of costs and saving of the valuable me. it: